The Safetyman Academy Guide To The Gentle Art of De-Icing Your Windscreen

clearing the car window of snow and ice

As the frosty season approaches, many of us around the world face the morning ritual of de-icing our car windscreens. It’s tempting to grab the nearest kettle or bank card, but these shortcuts can lead to a cracked windscreen or, worse, a fine.

Don’t worry, though— The Safetyman Academy has some friendly advice and simple tricks to keep your windscreen frost-free without reaching for your wallet to pay off any fines!

A Warm Start: How to De-ice Your Car

  1. Check Your Windscreen Wipers: First things first, ensure your wipers are off. If they’re frozen to the windscreen, starting the engine and trying to use them could damage them.

  2. Crank Up the Heat: Turn on your ignition and max out the heat. Direct your blowers at the windscreen, and if your car has a heated windscreen option or A/C, switch them on. This keeps the air dry and helps melt the ice efficiently.

  3. De-icer and Ice Scraper: Always handy to keep a can of de-icer and a scraper nearby. Scrape off the ice gently, and remember, some ice might be inside the windscreen too.

  4. Banish Condensation: Hot air on a cold windscreen can cause condensation inside. To tackle this:

    • Set blowers to full with cold temperature.
    • Switch on the A/C and the heated windscreen.
    • Gradually increase the temperature until your windows are clear.

Remember, address condensation while parked to avoid theft risks. A car left unattended is like a magnet to thieves and an nightmare when your insurance refuse to pay up!

Keeping Condensation at Bay

To prevent condensation on your car windows:

  • Clean the windscreen inside and out using a car window cleaner and a microfibre cloth (newspaper works too).
  • Wash your car to remove dirt particles that attract moisture.
  • Remove damp items from your car.
  • Leave windows open for ventilation occasionally.
  • Consider a portable dehumidifier overnight.

Ice on the Inside? Here’s What to Do

If you find ice inside your windscreen:

  • Turn on your car’s heating.
  • Use a heated (but dry) towel, hand warmer, or heat pack to gently rub away the ice.

To prevent this, use a car dehumidifier, remove moist items like wet boots, and regularly clean your windows.

What Not to Do When De-icing

  • Boiling Water is a No-No: It can crack your windscreen.
  • Avoid Idling: In the UK, an idle engine could lead to a £20 fine.
  • Never Leave Your Car Unattended: Especially when the engine is running.

Understanding Windscreen Icing

Your car’s windscreen freezes faster than other parts due to its material properties. Super-cooled water vapour in the air turns into frost and ice as temperatures drop, even slightly below freezing.

Keeping Car Windows Frost-Free Overnight

Preventative measures work best. Using a dehumidifier, regularly cleaning your windows, and ensuring your car is moisture-free are key steps.

Final Thoughts

Taking these measures not only ensures a clear view but also keeps you on the right side of the law. In the UK, poor visibility due to improper de-icing can lead to fines and points on your license, potentially increasing your insurance costs.

So, let’s embrace the chill with these easy, effective methods and enjoy a safe, clear view on all our frosty morning drives!

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