The Critical Lesson of ‘That’s All It Takes’: Emphasizing Comprehensive Safety Practices Over Safety Shortcuts

smashed up truck

A recent video poignantly captures a scenario that brings the expression “that’s all it takes” to life, serving as a powerful reminder of the delicate balance between safety and risk in our everyday tasks. The video featured a father, engrossed in the task of rebuilding a truck, proudly demonstrating his mechanical skills to his young children. His intent was to pass on his knowledge, but an overlooked detail turned the lesson into a near-disaster.

The father had disconnected the braking system of the truck and neglected to chock the wheels. As he climbed into the cabin, the truck began to roll out of the workshop, down a slope, and eventually crashed into another building. The father’s shouts about the lack of brakes were a stark reminder of the consequences of overlooking what might seem like trivial steps in a process.

A Lesson in Workplace Safety

This incident is more than just a home workshop mishap; it’s a reflection of a common attitude in workplaces around the globe. Often, steps in a process or operation are skipped or not given the attention they deserve. The mindset that these steps are a waste of time or unnecessary can lead to situations that risk injury or worse. It emphasizes a crucial point: in safety, sometimes one missed step is all it takes to turn a routine task into a life-threatening situation.

Safetyman Academy’s Approach to Safety Training

At Safetyman Academy, we recognize the importance of bridging the gap between knowledge and action, especially in the realm of safety. Our suite of over 140 online CPD certified training courses is designed to instill a deep sense of responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. We believe that true safety goes beyond following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), or safe systems of work; it’s about understanding the ethical implications and responsibilities of our actions.

Our courses cover a wide array of safety topics, focusing not only on the technical aspects but also on the practical application and ethical considerations of safety practices. We aim to empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions, understand the impacts of their actions, and most importantly, take ownership when things don’t go as planned.

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Safety Education

Recognizing the diverse needs of a global workforce, our courses are available in 60 languages, making safety education accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or language. We are committed to breaking down barriers in safety education, ensuring that it’s a right for every worker.

Promoting Global Safety Awareness

In our ongoing effort to promote a culture of safety and responsibility, we are offering a special 20% discount on our courses this January. This initiative is part of our commitment to making comprehensive safety training accessible and affordable for individuals and organizations around the world.

Join Us in Changing the Safety Narrative

We invite you to explore our range of courses at Whether you are looking to enhance your personal safety skills or aiming to elevate your team’s safety awareness, Safetyman Academy offers comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Let’s work together to redefine the narrative around workplace safety and personal responsibility. Let’s acknowledge that in the world of safety, “that’s all it takes” – one missed step, one overlooked precaution – can make all the difference. Join us in our mission to create a culture where every step in safety is seen as essential and non-negotiable.

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