Safetyman offers a highly competitive and cost effective corporate service for small, medium and large businesses, charities and organisations around the world. 

Access all our certified courses for one low annual cost, created by leading experts around the world and delivered by our ISO certified company. Our business services can provide secure private groups and private forums developed exclusively for your business.

We have eliminated the requirement for multinational and multi site companies to invest time and resources that was previously required when sourcing local companies to deliver your required training. 

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It's Time For Change

Engage with your employee’s and contractors on a platform they are familiar with in their daily life.

In the past training was delivered in classrooms with the attendees seated for hours, whilst a trainer or a teacher delivered the course.

As a society we have moved into and embraced the digital world with social media and online interactions with instant messaging and video calls.

Yet most training is still being delivered using the books and classroom method, it’s time for that to change.

It’s time for the Safetyman Academy microlearning experience.

So What Is Microlearning And How Will It Benefit Us?

Since the mobile revolution began around year 2000, the average attention span has dropped substantially, from about 12 seconds to only 8!

To reach the digitally-focused modern student and employee, a more concise, interactive approach is required. This method of content delivery is “microlearning”, and it’s proven to be the ideal training experience for the 21st century learners.

Course Duration and Its Impact on Learner Attention Span

Long courses routinely deliver poorer learning outcomes than shorter courses, but why?

According to most studies, the average adult has a maximum attention span of just 20 minutes.

In the studies students experienced lapses in attention up to 5 minutes in length. Lapses increased in frequency and duration the longer the course went on, clearly indicating that course length influenced overall focus levels.

Educators and training experts have questioned whether modern technology is having a negative influence on people’s ability to focus.

Whilst today’s students have the same ability to focus as previous generations did, they are accustomed to an on demand stream of information and online media. Because of this, they’ve developed a preference for faster paced, more interactive learning material.

Students now gravitate toward a more hands-on, tech-connected learning experience, with better information retention as a result of this.

How Long is Too Long? It’s All About Finding a Balance

From a college lesson to corporate training, an hour long learning session is almost guaranteed to result in distraction for the students and a lower information retention.

Based on this research we believe we have perfected the right balance between impactful content and a concise approach.

Our digital microlearning is the ideal way to strike this balance.

What is Microlearning All About?

Breaking A Course into Smaller Pieces Improves Retention
The goal of microlearning is simple: to allow learners to consume and digest new information quickly, easily, and on the go. Students are busier than ever, and being able to learn in short bursts from any mobile device is essential to their lifestyle. It also makes it easier to study what’s most relevant to learners in the moment.
Benefits of Microlearning
Microlearning isn’t a gimmick aimed to capitalize on our short attention spans. Research has proven that learning outcomes improve when students learn in short, intense bursts rather than lengthy, exhausting study sessions. It’s also extremely flexible, catering to those who have to fit study time in between work and extracurricular activities.
Reducing in-depth courses into much smaller pieces
No one wants to lighten a course so much that students miss important concepts. Microlearning allows us to break a comprehensive, in-depth course into much smaller pieces. Each learning element should take between 5-15 minutes to complete, enabling short, hyper-focused bursts of learning.
A Cost Effective Training Experience
Using our learning platform to deliver the required training courses to your employees or contractors, inspires and empowers them. Better retention of the course information and a greater return on your investment. Give your employees the option to study when they choose, wherever they are and using their own devices. Let's Talk!
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