Rethinking Workplace Safety: Continuous Learning with Safetyman Academy

sitting astride a motorbike

The adage “you never forget, life, it’s like riding a bike” is often used to imply that certain skills, once learned, stay with us forever.

However, a recent incident I came across challenges this notion, especially when applied to workplace safety. The event in question involved a man who, after a long hiatus from riding, confidently mounted a friend’s motorbike, only to quickly lose control and crash. This moment serves as a stark reminder that skills, particularly those related to safety, can diminish over time without regular practice and refreshment.

This realization is at the core of what we do at Safetyman Academy. We understand that in the dynamic environment of the workplace, where technologies and processes are continually evolving, the once-a-year training approach is no longer sufficient. Continuous learning and regular refreshment of skills are crucial to maintaining a safe work environment.

24/7 Online Access for Flexible Learning

At Safetyman Academy, we offer over 140 online CPD certified training courses accessible 24 hours a day. This around-the-clock availability allows individuals and organizations to engage in training at their convenience, accommodating different schedules and time zones. It’s about making safety education adaptable to the needs of a modern workforce.

Cost-Effective Training Solutions

We provide a cost-effective solution for companies looking to reduce their training expenses. Traditional in-person training can be costly, considering the expenses related to travel, accommodation, and time away from work. Our online courses eliminate these costs, offering high-quality training without the significant financial burden.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

By transitioning to online training, companies also contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. Digital learning minimizes the need for physical materials and travel, leading to a more environmentally friendly approach to training. It’s a step towards sustainable practices in corporate responsibility.

Inclusive and Accessible Education

Our courses are designed to be inclusive, available in 60 languages, ensuring that a diverse global workforce has access to quality safety training. We believe that language or location should not be barriers to acquiring essential safety knowledge.

Special Offer to Enhance Global Safety Awareness

To further our commitment to global safety, we’re offering a special 20% discount on our courses this January. This initiative is part of our mission to make safety training accessible to all, ensuring that workers worldwide have the knowledge they need to stay safe in their professional and personal lives.

Join Us in Changing the Safety Narrative

We invite you to explore our range of courses at Whether enhancing personal safety skills or improving your team’s safety awareness, Safetyman Academy provides comprehensive and tailored solutions.

Let’s work together to shift the narrative around safety. It’s time to move beyond the outdated notion of ‘once trained, always skilled.’ Continuous learning and regular skill updates are vital in keeping up with the evolving demands of workplace safety.

Join us in promoting a culture of ongoing safety education and awareness, ensuring a safer, more informed workforce for the future.

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