A whole new meaning of being overloaded at work

walking in his shoes

As I watched the poignant video clip, it got me thinking about the concept of being ‘overloaded at work’. It showed a man, not in an office or at a workstation, but on a dusty road, laboring under the weight of twenty colossal sacks. This wasn’t a feat of strength for the cameras but a glimpse into his everyday life. The necessity to provide for his family was the driving force behind his Herculean efforts.

In our professional spheres, we often use the term ‘overloaded’ to describe our day-to-day stresses. We get overwhelmed by deadlines, KPIs, meetings, and the ceaseless pursuit of productivity. However, witnessing this man’s raw struggle to make ends meet, it felt as if the true essence of the term ‘overloaded’ took on a new dimension.

Physical overloading, like in the man’s case, is evident and heartrending. But often overlooked is the mental overloading, a silent menace that a lot of us deal with. It is an invisible weight that pulls down our motivation, creativity, and overall wellness. While our loads might not be physically palpable, they can exert just as much strain on our wellbeing.

We are fortunate, indeed, to have the opportunity and resources to discuss wellbeing, to set boundaries, to seek help when we’re mentally or physically overloaded. And this fortune isn’t just a privilege, it’s a responsibility.

While we work on our wellness, let’s spare a thought for the millions across the globe whose daily grind is a testament to their incredible resilience. Their strength and perseverance aren’t just inspiring; they’re a call to action.

As we think about ways to ease our load, let’s also consider how we can extend our hands to lighten theirs. Is it through corporate social responsibility initiatives, or is it by influencing public policy? Or perhaps, it’s by creating products or services that could significantly enhance their quality of life.

Today, as we reflect on being ‘overloaded’, let’s also challenge ourselves to think about how we can contribute to a world where no one is weighed down by their circumstances.

Remember, change begins with us. And together, we can help everyone achieve a healthier balance.

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