Group Dynamics, Why it Matters

Describe various types of groups

Define successful group development

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working as a group rather than as an individual

Why learn about group dynamics within organizations?

Clarence Avery, lead developer of the Ford assembly line; Peter Martin, head of assembly; and Charles Sorenson, Martin’s assistant, got together with their CEO, Mr. Henry Ford, to talk about the efficiency of automotive assembly and how, if they did some group work, they might be able to make their product affordable to their employees.

They thought about how, if they refined their production a little bit, they could lower the cost of automobile production. If they lowered the cost of production, they could lower the cost of the automobile itself! And if they paid their employees more, their employees could afford to buy their product. Then, they would sell more automobiles.

When the right people get together in a group, and that group is managed well, an organization stands to profit—and sometimes the world is changed.

When an entrepreneur decides to start a company, they are normally an individual out there making deals, making decisions and maybe even changing the world. The day they hires others into the company, they are suddenly dealing with groups and group dynamics.

Two can be a crowd, or two heads can be better than one, and that all depends on a manager’s understanding of how groups work and how to best use them to create solutions for an organization.

Henry Ford knew how to motivate and even agitate his team toward greatness. What if he hadn’t understood the potential of groups? Where would we be today?

In less than three hours, this course helps provides you with the knowledge about group dynamics within organizations.

Who the course is for

This course is for participant are already supervisors, managers, board members and for those aspiring to reach the same goals. Amazing leaders have changed the world by sharing their visions, innovating and taking risks, encouraging and navigating change with their teams. But leaders don’t necessarily have to change the world. Leaders are just as effective when they’re changing an organization, changing a community, or just changing your day for the better.

Why it works

  • Minimal disruption to the working day – the course takes only half a day
  • Designed for anyone, in any sector, worldwide
  • Provides the knowledge and tools required to understand the group dynamics and how to make them work.
  • High-impact programme
  • Efficient and effective learning – leadership style and leadership topics are covered in a single, self-contained course.

The business benefits

The world is moving faster, and only the most flexible and dynamic organizations survive. Those organizations that can provide their employees with motivation and engage them around a vision, innovate in a changing world and manage through that change are more likely to survive. In order to stay ahead of the competition, they need good leaders and managers to make those things happen.

When it comes to completing work, managing projects and achieving goals, managers have many choices on how they manage the people they lead. They can deal with each of their subordinates individually, assigning individual goals and allowing them to work alone.

Conversely, managers can look at their subordinates as one large group, or a subset of smaller groups, and set them on a course of solving organizational problems and achieving objectives.

Leaders really make a difference, Good leaders have the power to influence others and change the future.

Your benefits

By taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain and explore the tension between individual versus groups and group dynamics in organizational life.
  • What are the pros and cons of choosing to assemble a group? 
  • And how it compares to assigning an issue to a single subordinate?

The average time needed to complete the course is 3 hours and the minimum pass mark for the exam is 70%.

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Who benefits From This Course

Everyone! Leadership is essential to our lives, homes and businesses.

The world is changing quickly and businesses need employees with training, knowledge and skills in order to be competitive.

People who continually develop their professional skills or pursue higher education and training, are placing themselves at the forefront for career advancement opportunities in their future.

By giving yourself or your employees, the knowledge to perform your role safely at work, you will stay safe at work and go home safe, which makes the rest and play time in life, far more rewarding, whatever it is you love to do.


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