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What are the Benefits of Online Safety Training for Employees

Are you looking for ways to improve workplace safety and morale? Have you considered online safety training for your employees? Read on to discover the benefits of online safety training for your employees.

Online safety training not only ensures that employees know how to avoid potential injuries, but can also teach them about workplace safety policies and procedures. In addition, it can provide employees with the resources they need to stay safe on the job, with the ability to study when they are prepared to, making them more receptive to the information contained in the training course.

There are many benefits of safety training for employees. By increasing employee awareness of their surroundings and taking steps to prevent accidents, safety training can help to keep workers safe and healthy. Training may also improve communication among co-workers and help them work together as a team. In fact, studies have shown that workplaces with effective safety and health programs are less likely to experience accidents or injuries (Cleveland et al., 2002; Pratt & Barnett, 1999).

Despite these benefits, many employers still do not offer formal safety training programs. According to a study conducted by the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 60 percent of companies did not offer any type of safety training program in 2007 (National Safety Council

[NSC], 2012). This reluctance is likely due in part to the high cost associated with such programs. However, despite this expense, research shows that investing in safety training can be worthwhile. For example, one study found that for each dollar spent on injury prevention programs, employers save an estimated $4 in costs related to compensation claims (see NSC [2012]). Therefore, if you want your employees to stay safe on the job – and protect your business from costly mistakes – it is important that you provide them with formal safety training programs.

At the Safetyman Academy we offer over 70 online courses for a one low-cost annual fee, our online CPD and ISO certified courses include specialist oilfield courses including levels one, two / three well intervention training, wireline pressure control, coiled tubing pressure control and a unique 100% online Stuck Pipe Prevention course. Stuck pipe costs the oil and gas industry billions every year and is an essential course for everyone who works in drilling and well services, and included in our all-inclusive access program.

All our courses are translated into 40 plus languages and available 24 hours a day, not only reducing your training budget but also helping your company to reduce your carbon footprint.

Contact us today with your training needs and discover how we can help you improve your safety culture whilst reducing your training budget.


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