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If you are a subject matter expert, teacher, trainer or a skilled professional who wants to create and publish online courses, then talk to us. Share your knowledge with our world-wide community and join us as part of our shared revenue program. Join our community of self-publishers today!

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What makes a successful self-publisher?

Excellent English language writing skills.

Expert knowledge, preferably in a sought-after field.

The ability to to build a course using the microlearning format, filled with concise information into a series of short lessons using text, engaging images and video.

Who is best suited to self-publishing?

People like you, who meet and exceed our very high standards and expectations, for quality and expertise, can all become a valued member of self-publisher program and contribute on our academy site.

Members of our self-publishing team are:

Retired, semi-retired, on sabbatical or full-time  IT consultants, college lecturers, engineers, teachers and safety professionals to name but a few.

Senior consultants and professionals with a passion for safety, training, mentoring and especially teaching.

Experts who want to feel the intense self-satisfaction of helping other reach their potential and goals in life.

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Is Self Publishing Profitable?

The old saying, what you put in, is what you get out is so very true. Our membership is offered at a very low annual cost to a global audience of learners and corporations. We do this to encourage a continued learning and to provide low cost, high quality training for everyone.

Individuals, businesses and even corporations are all seeking quality training at affordable costs, we aim to provide that. By offering a low cost annual membership we believe that the quality of our courses will achieve a continued growth in annual member, with increased revenues, which in turn will increase the amount of revenue our publishers will receive as part of our success.

Some of our members will have no prior qualifications before starting on a course that interests them, but you can help to change that. There are hundreds of millions of learners world-wide waiting to start a course like yours, help us in publicising the site to reach those people and to help change their lives.

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Some considerations when creating a course

Trends change but the more in demand your subject, the more learners you will attract to your course. The higher learners rate your course(s), the more income you are likely to generate. Learners are seeking courses that are high quality, factual, relevant, engaging, career enhancing, accurate with up-to-date content.

The more accompanying information you include in your courses, such as well-produced and informative videos, informative images and downloadable PDFs, the more engagement you will have.

To maximise their profit protentional  we encourage self-publishers post updates into our community forums and groups, and onto the wall to keep members update. In addition to this they use their other social media accounts on sites like facebook, twitter and instagram to promote their courses. We full endorse this as a great way to promote your work and our academy. This is something you could do too!

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So how can I join the Academy self publishing program?

It’s easier than you may think! If you have expertise in your field, excellent training material that you have developed and you know how to lead online learners through an engaging and fulfilling course, we want to hear from you.

Press the button below to fill out the the application form and let’s start the self-publishing journey together.

Join us and our community today, we would love to hear your views in the forums and groups. 

Study when you choose to study, in your time, at a place you can relax.

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