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Once you have completed a Safetyman Academy course your HD certificate will be available for you to download. Share your achievement with the world on your social media and looks great when printed on your wall. 

Your Certification is:

Ideal for sharing with potential employers – include it in your CV, professional social media profiles, proudly display your achievements on social media and in your job applications.

Upon successful completion of your chosen course you will receive the Safetyman Academy certificate of completion with no additional charges to pay.

This will be available to download after completing all the lessons and passing the course test.

Proudly display your certificate on your professional social media, your favourite social media and tell the world, You earned your certificate!

We love to make everything as easy as possible, follow these steps to download it:

Log in to your Safetyman Academy account

Click on your course.

Click on the certificate icon and enjoy your new certificate.

And don’t forget to show the world of your great achievement.

A small selection of our valued clients comments

Safetyman Academy Student
A special thanks to Sarah and the team
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My long term plan is to become a safety officer for my company and your courses have given me the confidence to realize my dream. A special thanks to Sarah for her invaluable support and inspiration
Inspiration and support when needed
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My father wanted me to learn about safety before I started working for him at our family business in Subic. What a joy to be able to translate the courses automatically into Tagalog, 3 courses later he wished that he had done the same. So today my dad at 62 started his new journey!
Amazing low cost training resource for home workers
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I never thought of safety courses until my office suggested I needed them. So easy and great information about the subjects, I wish I had done these sooner now. Lone worker is a must for all people working from home as is display screen equipment.
Safetyman Academy People

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